SeECity IVDS – Buses and Shuttles

A high-rise fire. A weather emergency. A multiple-injury accident. Whatever the situation, public safety operations depend on immediate access to the best information available. Having the right information at the incident scene and route to the hospital can help maximize the golden hour and save lives.


The days of non-integrated, disparate stand-alone software are of the past. So are the loads of working with separated island-applications and multiple data entry, along with the dangers of having to shift look from one screen to another. In order to improve efficiency and accelerate decision making, you need devices that work together seamlessly and share information effortlessly. That’s why we’re developing future-ready software with innovative capabilities such as fast mission-critical technology that streamline information between all users and their various devices.

Today you can work with a system that integrates key information from many sources. A system that makes it easy to share information with first responders in the field for the best situational intelligence, and with other departments and agencies for better cooperation, coordination and collaboration.

SeECity IVDS is the new generation incident and resource management system. It streamlines the capture, correlation and real-time distribution of mission critical information for being able to make smarter decisions and ensure better patient outcomes.


When seconds count and information is flowing rapidly, dispatchers need to focus on the situation at hand. SeECity IVDS joins together all information such as voice and data for a complete view of your operations and optimizes ad-hoc decision making. To provide that responders have better intelligence upfront, basic data – like location, street maps, etc. – can be distributed at one time are dispatched.

Quickly and intuitively view relevant or critical information displayed in a manner customized to your needs. Direct access to spatial databases enables location verification and information storage. Geo-routing and calculations provide robust incident and resource management.

SeECity IVDS helps agencies improve response times, efficiently and automatically allocate resources and better inform first responders through better information gathering and situational awareness.


Every event creates a lot of information. A critical step in emergency case is the collection and transfer of critical data regarding an accident or a fire case. You need a fast device with the SeECity IVDS application that is simple to use but yet robust enough to manage different sources of data and share the information across multiple organizations both inside and outside your institute.


Your public safety response often requires multi-agency coordination with national resources. Response teams benefit from enhanced information sharing and a unified operational view of incidents that ensure a well-orchestrated and coordinated response.


In emergency case when lives and are in danger, dispatching the best resources with the right technical features, logical parameters and abilities to do the job is critical. With SeECity IVDS you can customize responses that relate your institute’s workflows. Using critical factors, such as skills, capabilities, and telemetric data of the resources, time of day, day of the week, apparatus, split vehicle attendance and alarm level of the incident, ensure the right response is dispatched.


SeECity IVDS is a dynamic and intuitive application, utilizes its common services platform to compile and display precise data specific to an emergency’s workflow. From simple deployment packages for small agencies to complex multi-site, multi-position systems with unlimited positions we have the right system for your needs. Its highly customizable user interface offers quick access to information via a true location-based, GIS-data screen.